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Door Replacement

Front Door Design & Installation

Your front door is one of the first impressions that the outside world has of your home. In fact, having an enhanced entryway can have the single greatest impact on your home’s curb appeal, increasing it’s perceived value by as much as five times of your original investment. This is where value meets style and security.

All of our entry systems are ENERGY STAR qualified. Having your home energy efficient is more important now than ever.

French Double Doors make an elegant statement about your home. All of our door styles are available with a French Double Door full wood frame, in swing or out swing, and either left or right door active.

Heritage Fiberglass exterior doors and Legacy Steel doors are professionally crafted and customized to your needs and style. Heritage Fiberglass Doors provide the strength of fiberglass and the classic look of woodgrain or smooth colored finish. Our textured doors are artfully stained or painted at the factory, and our smooth fiberglass doors are painted with a durable finish that is guaranteed to last.

Legacy Steel Doors are strong and durable without sacrificing beauty. Enhance the look of your entryway and protect your home with a Legacy Steel Door at Apollo Window & Door.

Design Inspiration

Whether you prefer dramatic, contrasting colors or soothing, monochromatic tones, your personal taste is reflected in your home. Before choosing a door color you may want to take a look at a variety of home styles. Do you prefer to match your door to the trim or are you drawn to homes with contrasting colors? Whatever your inspiration, Apollo has the perfect door for you.