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Patio Door Installation

A house is more than a shelter; it is a home. Your home should provide a sense of safety and protection with its entrance barriers. Whether you want your patio entry way door to be made of fiberglass, steel or vinyl, or if you want your patio door type to be swinging, sliding, or hinged, our expert installers at Apollo Window & Door will fulfill customized requests for the perfect patio doorway. With a reliable reputation and accolades including the 2013 Energy Star Most Efficient award, you can trust in Apollo and our available products for all of your project needs.

Patio Door Installation

Kensington Quantum2 Series

The Quantum 2, High Performance Patio Door System

This high performance door system is designed for optimum performance and beauty, as well as long-lasting, weather resistance. If you are seeking both beauty and brawn, look no further than our Quantum 2 model. Q2 Patio Doors are a premier quality system with a clean yet elegant design perfect for the beautification of your home!

The 3000 Swing Patio Door System

The dependable, multi-paned door system of the 3000 Swing is able to come as a Single (Garden) or Double (French) Door. This model also has customizable color options to select from for creating an even more unique space that is also durable. With a full length fixed gear hinge to prevent panel sagging, a multi-point locking system that anchors the door in multiple points along the door length, and with flush bolts installed at the top and bottom of all French hinged units, the 3000 Swing Patio Door System is a fantastic, customizable option.

Whether you want a specific and stunningly realistic wood appearance, or simply a durable and energy efficient door system, Apollo has the best patio door for you and your space. We make reliable, energy efficient products easily available to all of our customers, and make the installation of those products even easier. Give up your home improvement worries, and call us at Apollo Window & Door today!