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Siding Replacement & Installation

Purchasing siding should be an easy and comfortable process, one that allows the buyer to be in control. There are many reasons that people replace their siding. One practical reason to replace or install siding is for cosmetic purposes as well as adding value to your home. Other reasons include lowering maintenance, improving comfort, increasing energy savings, replacing weather damaged walls, and increasing the overall resale value of the home.

Lower Exterior Maintenance Costs

Before Siding Replacement


Replacing your siding delivers large savings in maintenance costs and convenience because some siding doesn’t require the constant upkeep of painting.

Ease of Cleaning

If cleaning is a primary factor in your decision, than choose a siding that can be washed with little effort and without damaging the finish.

Energy Savings

Your choice of a siding system can have an impact on your home’s energy use. The best insulators will be EPS foam with a contour fit to the siding. Look for the R-4 to the R-5 insulation value.

Siding Replacement - After


Heating & Cooling Benefits

No matter if you’re battling the freezing cold or the dog days of summer, you can be comfortable year round if you replace your siding with an insulated siding system from Apollo Window & Door.

Add Instant Value to Your Home

Carefully chosen, few investments can also add more value to a home, however new siding adds great value from every perspective. Read the fine print of the guarantees offered to make sure you are getting the most value for your home.